"Equity Matters has worked with us side by side to customize the content that would support our learning of the skills and competencies we need both individually, in our teams, and in our (school) district. Heidi is knowledgeable, thoughtful and an excellent collaborator but the most important thing she does is she creates a safe environment for us to learn and grow."

~ Marcia Woehlbrandt
(Retired) Director of Program and Staff Development
Kent School District

"The Cultural Competency Series provoked rich discussion and enabled participants to deepen their own knowledge of their students' cultural backgrounds. Heidi is a skilled facilitator who understands the complexity of teaching and differentiating activities in classrooms. Her knowledge of the issues, sensitivity to participants, and ability to engage each individual at a personal level made this a very satisfying experience."

~ Kelly Kursteiner
Consulting Teacher, New Teacher Support
Lake Washington School District

“I thought it was a really great training. It was clear that you spent a lot of time looking at the work that we do and trying to make the training as relevant as possible to us; I really appreciate that. You bring in a lot of examples, case studies and other resources that make everything we talked about very real and engaging. Thank you!”

~ Workshop Participant
Public Health
February 2014

"Heidi is the BEST trainer, facilitator, and guide to lead groups in talking about race, diversity, and equity. Her approach is gentle, but forceful in leading people to see the need and how we are all better by bringing these topics to the forefront. I've seen Heidi work with large groups as well as small groups and in both approaches she can tailor her trainings and methods to meet the group’s needs. Heidi is skillful at breaking apart what can be a paralyzing process (because of scope and topic) and help people and groups take steps to create meaningful and long lasting change."

"This work is a journey and Heidi acts as a Sherpa to guide people on the journey. The work will always be about the group, but with her skillful guidance the work is interesting and a way for groups to bond and build relationships. As her tagline s
ays, she starts with your 'here,' to get you there."

~ Erin Okuno
Principal at Okuno Consulting &
Early Learning Project Coordinator at SOAR