Foundation & Approach:¬† ‘Why, How, What’

Equity Matters’ foundation and approach come from two inspirations: Simon Sinek’s book and TED Talk ‘Start with Why’ and Paulo Freire quote “you never get there by starting from there, you get there by starting from some here.”

The overall goal is to start with identifying our ‘personal why’ - why do you believe in diversity, culture, race, class, etc. I work with individuals and organizations from their ‘here’ in a compassionate and supportive way to help them understand why Equity Matters to all of us.

I work with my clients to craft a method and approach that meets people where they are and provides them with the information and steps they need to make positive changes. This work is a process and a lifelong journey towards understanding and change.
"What we want is a new transformed society, not equal opportunity in a dehumanized one."~ Vincent Harding

Why This Matters

Over the past 10 years Equity Matters has worked with over 100 organizations and over 8,000 educators, social service providers, and government employees. Through this work we’ve created over 50-hours of original Cultural Competence and Equity curriculum and tools:
  • Inclusive Community Engagement
  • Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Staff
  • Understanding Institutional and Structural Racism (Classism, Sexism, etc.)
  • Creating Racial Equity
  • Developed and maintained evaluation systems, based on Terry Cross, et al.’s Cultural Competence Continuum, which assess individual and organizational cultural competence. Have pre-post data from more than a dozen organizations that have participated in long-term (more than six months) cultural competence support.
  • Presented at more than 50 local and national conferences, including the National Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) Conference and the School of the 21st Century Conference at Yale University.
We’ve also seen attitudes and actions change. We’ve met amazing people working with communities to change systems, bring new opportunities, and achieve equitable outcomes.

A Note From Heidi

I believe in practicing what I do. I’ve spent over ten-years working in a South King County community based organization. I also participated in a Social Justice Fund Giving Circle and acted as a roving practicum instructor for the University of Washington, School of Social Work. I continue to volunteer on the United Way of King County’s New Solutions Impact Council, the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) Advisory Board, and as a Ride Leader for the Cascade Bicycle Club.
Mixing personal with professional interest I started Team Equity Matters, a cycling team made up of friends and family. In 2013, we successfully completed the Seattle to Portland bike ride! We rocked the ride! By mixing personal and professional interest I learn from people in my community and infuse that into my work at Equity Matters.